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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Green Day and Alex

Yesterday after my last post my friend Alex (girl) came to my grandma's apartment and as usual she brought her camera. We did photo shoots of each other, in some we are in mid-air jumping and others are just random poses. I was in my PJ's and we were walking around everywhere around the building, we even went to the basement and lobby.

Today I am going to her house, we are going to make another YouTube video on her account. I was in her first and her third, but she was only in one of mine so far. Well me and her are talking on MSN and she said her mom and her have to go somewhere. She even asked her mom if I can go over and her mom said yes, they always do that. As long as I get to see my friend I guess I am happy. They are going out for a few hours then Alex will call me and I'll go there.

I was listening to Green Day 21st Century Breakdown and I have a new favorite song. It's "The Static Age," I heard it once or twice before now and now I love it. I love all of Green Day, but that song has something so addicting maybe it's the drums since I love drums so much.

This post took me almost an hour to wright,

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