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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sims 2 and More

Today I played on Sims 2 and I made Angela Pleasant have another baby. She married Dustin Broke (she became Angela Broke), then had Bella, then had Matt and now she also has Carl. Bella is now a teenager, Matt is a child and Carl is a new born. At first I thought Carl was going to be a girl and I was going to name her Emma, but since he is a boy I named him Carl.

Oh yeah, if you play on Sims do you remember Dustin's mom (Brandi Broke) had a baby (Beau) and was pregnant with one when you started off? Yeah well just before Dustin became an adult Brandi had a baby I named Sam. Then one day a social worker took Sam and Beau away. Now I can't get them back, and it's really sad. At least they are safe, I hope.

I am still extremely excited for Friday, I hardly slept last night since I was so jumpy. I am so excited I almost feel like screaming, and if I scream then I will hurt my throat. My throat already hurts since my voice is changing a bit, so now I can't even sing Green Day or Simple Plan songs...

That's all... for now,

Monday, February 8, 2010

My Reviews On Tooth Fairy + Randome Stuff = Today's Blog

The movie yesterday was great; me, Alex and my grandma all rated it 10/10 so that's proof. We got to the movies almost half an hour early so me and Alex played in the arcade and he sucked at a skateboarding thing. Then we both played something kind of like Air Hockey for two rounds. The first game he won 7-6 and the second game he won 7-4. Oh yeah you know the medium size bag for popcorn? He could eat the WHOLE thing, I can't even eat half of it.

I can't wait for Friday, me and Alex are planning something evil. I won't tell you guys until after we did it because then you could also maybe see it on YouTube or something. We both have channels mine is 1Music1Girl1 and his is thechipmunkschannel1 since he loves the chipmunks. I can't wait for the prank!

Oh yeah something about him is creepy, we agree on almost everything. I swear, so far the only things that are different are our birthdays, our ages and our favorite colors. We like the same type of music and we like the same type of movies. There is also a lot more, but saying them would take over a year. I am not doing this blog for that long.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Tooth Fairy + Sims

Later (in about three and a half hours) I am going to the movies to see "The Tooth Fairy" with my grandma and my friend Alex. It's not the Alex I always talk about, this one is a boy who goes to a group I go to.

Oh yeah before I forget you know the Broke family in Sims 2? Well I got Dustin and the non-goth Pleasant twin to get married. Now they have a child named Bella and a new born named Matt. I want them to have a full house, at least three kids and at the most six.

That's all,