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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sims 2 and More

Today I played on Sims 2 and I made Angela Pleasant have another baby. She married Dustin Broke (she became Angela Broke), then had Bella, then had Matt and now she also has Carl. Bella is now a teenager, Matt is a child and Carl is a new born. At first I thought Carl was going to be a girl and I was going to name her Emma, but since he is a boy I named him Carl.

Oh yeah, if you play on Sims do you remember Dustin's mom (Brandi Broke) had a baby (Beau) and was pregnant with one when you started off? Yeah well just before Dustin became an adult Brandi had a baby I named Sam. Then one day a social worker took Sam and Beau away. Now I can't get them back, and it's really sad. At least they are safe, I hope.

I am still extremely excited for Friday, I hardly slept last night since I was so jumpy. I am so excited I almost feel like screaming, and if I scream then I will hurt my throat. My throat already hurts since my voice is changing a bit, so now I can't even sing Green Day or Simple Plan songs...

That's all... for now,

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