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Thursday, December 31, 2009

YouTube and 2010, WOOT!

Today is the ending of a year, I am oddly excited to go back to school! I can't wait to tell everyone what cool stuff I got for Christmas, even though most of them won't care. At least I got a book that could keep me busy when I have free time, it is over 500 pages so it may take me about a month. I am also writing a book, so far I am illustrating the main characters. There are two boys and two s, I got one boy all finished who I named Miles. 

The book has some horror in it, I'm not sure but I think I will make one of the boys get killed. He would be tying to save one of the s, but then got killed.

I am also writing YouTube videos in my head, it's the only place where I have privacy. If I write it somewhere and somebody finds it they may think I love somebody since there is a bit of romance how I did it, but I don't love anyone who isn't related to me, since I don't have a crush. I got the music videos in my head for "Generation" by: Simple Plan and "Pulling Teeth" by: Green Day, my videos are going to be awesome.

Well that's my first post,
Music (short for 1Music1Girl1)

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